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Entry Into Service Specialist

Full-time | Posted On: 10/22/2019
LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 7-10 years
We are seeking an Entry Into Service Specialist (EIS) with working experience in commercial aerospace for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as ample Entry into Service experience. Interested candidates will be responsible for coordinating all the processes, requirements and customer requests related to the Entry into Service of a new aircraft. This position will report to the Director of Service Readiness & integration, Customer Support Division.
Responsibilities of the Entry Into Service Specialist
  • Coordinate and integrate all the areas responsible for the Entry into service including: 
  • Flight operations engineering and pilots, training support, program management, material and services support and production lines.
  • Maintenance support and technical publications
  • Contracts management.
  • Air safety and certification teams and ground support equipment
  • Ensuring that the Master Plan agreed upon with the customer is complete following each deadline this includes the follow areas:
  • Initial Pilot Training
  • Initial Flight Attendant Training
  • Pilot Support (En Route Supervision)
  • Flight Operations Engineering Course (FOEC)
  • Flight Operations Engineering Support        
  • Pilot Support (Ferry Flight)           
  • RAS or SCAP Module    
  • Inflight Performance Software      
  • Performance SW           
  • Reconfig. of the Flight Operations Publications Set
  • Dispatcher SW 
  • Flight Dispatchers Course
  • Balance & Trim Chart
  • Maintenance Theoretical Type Training (B1 + B2)
  • Maintenance Practical Type Training (B1 + B2)         
  • Technical Representative             
  • Maintenance Specialists Support  
  • Health Monitoring Training (Basic Module) & CMC Usage
  • Maintenance Program Start-up and Packaging         
  • Reliability Training          
  • Techpubs Subscription and training
  • RSPL Budgetary            
  • MPD/MMEL     
  • Suppliers Conference
  • TC Approval
  • Aircraft Operator Certificate Operational Approval
  • Direct Maintenance Cost
  • MRO Certification
  • GSE

  • Working experience in commercial aerospace with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
  • 8 or more years experience with Entry into Service for new aircrafts.
  • Excellent working relationship with airline customers and suppliers.
  • Knowledge of the aircraft delivery process.
  • Working experience in customer support industry and supplier negotiation.
  • Team management skills.

Project Manager - Aerospace

Full-time | Posted On: 10/10/2019
LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 10+ years
We are seeking an aerospace project management expert to fill an opening with a company in Nagoya, Japan. Interested candidates should have 10 plus years of aerospace related experience including certification knowledge as well as exceptional leadership and project management skills.
Responsibilities of the Project Manager
  • Perform all Project Management duties required to finalize aircraft development and Type Certification and Entry into Service.
  • Provide evaluation of current aircraft design status until Type Certification is granted by the main certification agencies.
  • Preparation and maintenance of a General Schedule for all activities in the group in consistency with the Master Schedule. 
  • Preparation of lower level schedules and support for sub-group leads in assignment of resources.
  • Continuous understanding of progress of supplier’s activities to ensure consistency with program schedules. 
  • Keep management and relevant members of the team informed on progress of significant activities.
  • Planning and coordinating integration of design change activities.
  • Understand all assigned systems contract requirements in support of suppliers.
  • Provide expertise scheduled activities related to solving planning issues and concerns raised during any testing, Flight testing or otherwise.
  • Manage and monitor overall project budget with support from financial controller. 
  • Identify, manage and follow up project risk, issues and opportunities.
  • Establish and maintain proper communication with assigned IPT team, provide guidance to IPT team meet project commitments and deliverables in order to secure program schedule.
  • Minimum 10-years of experience in aerospace required.
  • Strong skills and experience coordinating with other division and leading projects.
  • Aircraft systems and/or project management experience.
  • Excellent overall knowledge about aircraft manufacturing and certification program.
  • Prior experience creating governance structure and KPI.
  • Have high level communication skills, energetic and driven to complete projects.
  • Proficiency with MS Project and MS Excel.
  • PMP certification and cost/budget management is preferred.
  • Candidates must be fluent in both written and spoken English.

  • Benefits

    Model Based Systems Engineer

    Contract | Posted On: 10/23/2019
    LOCATION: Everett, Washington | WORK EXPERIENCE: 4-7 years

    We are currently looking for a talented Systems Engineer with Model Based Engineering experience to help build out our existing infrastructure and troubleshoot problems as they arise. The position is located in Everett, WA. The ideal candidate can prioritize mission critical tasks and coordinate the construction and expansion of our systems. 


    • Define design requirements, test data, and performance values associated with engineering and manufacturing development within a product lifecycle management (PLM) database. 
    • Analyze requirements and reported specification compliance issues to determine if deviations are necessary; document and record deviations when required. 
    • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE): Decomposing top-level system requirements into lower tier requirements and developing models/specifications using SysML modelling language.
    • Developing MBSE system models in the SE architecture software, NoMagic Cameo Enterprise Architecture. 
    • Support requirements gap analysis including providing input to user needs and conducting effective translation of user needs/requirements into performance specifications for all assigned program systems.
    • Recommend engineering solutions to reduce overall sustainment costs through cost benefit analysis.
    • 5 years of MBSE experience.
    • UML, SysML and modelling standards.
    • Experience in Model-Based System Engineering development and tools.
    • Experience with using Visualization Tools such as Magic, NoMagic, Cameo and DOORS.
    • Intermediate expertise with Database Query language (SQL).

    Production Engineer

    Full-time | Posted On: 9/20/2019
    LOCATION: Verona, Virgina | WORK EXPERIENCE: 4-7 years

    We are seeking a qualified, innovative production engineer to fill an opening with a manufacturing company in Verona, VA. In this position, you will oversee and improve production processes. Interested candidates should process a high engineering aptitude, attention to detail and the ability to optimize production processes for maximum efficiency as well as experience with Solidworks and/or Inventor programs.

    Responsibilities of the Production Engineer

    • Plan, manage and oversee all elements of production.
    • Assess and analyze current production methods.
    • Develop and developer draft an improved production process and implement cost-reductive changes.
    • Maximize productivity of machinery and workers.
    • Follow product specifications and quality control measures.
    • Determine how many workers are needed to man the production line.
    • Increase speed and efficiency of processes without compromising quality.
    • Develop and implement quality control measures that effectively monitor products and guarantee desired results.
    • Educate employees on proper methods in which to operate machinery.
    • Diagnose origin of breakdowns, including human error and troubleshoot problems.
    • Work within set budgetary plans for the project.
    • Communicate with clients and vendors to obtain materials and/or equipment needed.
    • Bachelor’s degree in engineering.
    • Proficient with CAD software such as SolidWorks and/or Inventor.
    • Proficiency using Microsoft Suite (Excel, Access).
    • 5 years experience in a production/industrial engineering setting with managerial experience.
    • Possess a wide knowledge in mathematics, physics and mechanics.
    • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and written.
    • Detail-oriented and extremely efficient.
    • Ability to maintain positive vendor and client relationships.

    Scrum Master

    Contract | Posted On: 10/20/2019
    LOCATION: Bellevue, Washington | WORK EXPERIENCE: 4-7 years
    We are seeking a Scrum Master with aerospace experience to join a cutting edge 3D design team here in Seattle, WA. This individual with work on initiatives related to improving business systems and processes. The Scrum Master must have project management expertise while effectively communicating with technical teams and business stakeholders. 
    Interested candidate must have the necessary tools and process skills as well as the ability to communicate effectively with internal customers and the ability to learn and leverage new concepts/frameworks, process and technology rapidly as changes arise.
    With this opportunity you will have the chance to work with the latest generation of visualization tools with a focus on both user experience and complex configuration of products showcased. As Scrum Master you will be the first contact point for all stakeholders and facilitate the interaction of the Scrum Team. Conversely you will be proactively requesting and collecting the necessary information needed to support developers.

    Responsibilities of the Scrum Master
    • Organize and moderate Scrum ceremonies.
    • Help the teams detect and remove impediments.
    • Document findings and agreements and distribute them to all stakeholders.
    • Cultivate self-organization within the teams.
    • Proactively facilitate communication between developers, Product Owners and stakeholders..
    • Closely cooperate with Scrum Masters and Product Owners of other teams
    • Provide process optimization feedback to management.
    • Support and enforce the Organization macro processes: Define, Implement and Support.
    • Find compromises between management plans and development needs.
    • Continuously coach developers, Product Owners, and stakeholders in agile practices and principles.
    • US Citizenship or permanent resident (green card) status
    • 3DExperience Software
    • SAFe Scrum Master Certification 
    • Aerospace experience

    Senior Compliance Engineer

    Contract | Posted On: 10/16/2019
    LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 7-10 years
    We are currently seeking an experienced Compliance Engineer to fill an opening with a progressive aerospace company in Nagoya, Japan. Interested candidates should have 10 plus years experience with Aerospace Program Development and Certification. 
    Responsibilities of the Compliance Engineer
    • Develop sustainable and executable certification standards and guidelines as well as means of compliance.
    • Resolve complex compliance issues and difficulties.
    • Establish consistent standards for design compliance.
    • Build and maintain a strong relationship JCAB and FCAA representative. 
    • Develop training standards for the companies engineering compliance personnel. 
    • Coordinate activities between engineering and certification process teams.
    • Manage the implementation of Continued Operational Safety Process (COSP).
    • 10 plus years of engineering experience in assigned function, including development programs as well as aircraft certification.
    • Proficient with certification requirements and compliance standards including Part 21, 25 and ACs/AMCs.
    • Significant experience dealing with aviation regulators to support certification goals.
    • Experience resolving cross-functional engineering compliance issues
    • Knowledge of the aviation industry's roles in rule-making and compliance
    • Proven leadership and solid communication skills.

    Japanese Outsourcing Manager

    Permanent | Posted On: 10/10/2019
    LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 10+ years

    We are currently seeking an experienced Project Management professional with ample vendor/supplier knowledge to fill an opening for a company here in Nagoya, Japan. Interested candidates should have 10 to 15 years of experience working with Aircraft or Automotive OEM as well as direct vendor management and project management experience. 

    Responsibilities of the Japanese Outsourcing Manager

    • Provide leadership and problem solving to improve Japan based vendors performance and drive sustainable operations and deliver key business metrics for the outsourcing program.
    • Analyze data to identify solutions to challenges, drive business decisions and communicate them clearly to partners and stakeholders at all levels.
    • Lead regular business reviews, identify gaps and engage with partners on improvement plans to streamline Japan based Outsourcing operations.
    • Manage programs for Japan and Group company vendor expansion and drive medium to long term strategies.
    • Manage vendor capacity through continuous engagement with vendor partners to assess active headcount, recruitment pipelines, and ongoing demand for resources from the lines of business.
    • Work closely with Outsourcing strategy manager, Contract Administration, Global Outsourcing Manager to develop and implement standard process and procedures to apply to the entire outsourcing activities for the company. 
    • Lead negotiation plan development including mapping out detailed approaches, fallback positions, and acceptable terms and conditions.
    • 10 to 15 years of experience working with Aircraft or Automotive OEMs.
    • Ability to read and speak English and Japanese fluently and possess Japanese and global business culture understanding.
    • Minimum Bachelor’s degree, plus MBA, PMP or other certifications from accredited institutions preferred. 
    • 3 years of experience working with outsourcing matters with a focus on; direct vendor management, setting and driving vendor strategy, process improvement, contracting, commercial negotiations, in-house sourcing in Japan market.
    • Experience managing global procurement responsibilities, using a strategic sourcing methodology, including: opportunity analysis and identification, supplier selection, risk and compliance evaluation, contract negotiation and financial analysis.
    • Ability to both develop strategic sourcing plans and dive deep in contract details with a solid understanding of how contracts are structured.
    • Experience with supplier report cards and supplier management.

    Secondary Flight Control Systems Compliance Engineer

    Full-time | Posted On: 10/22/2019
    LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 10+ years
    We are seeking an experienced Compliance Engineer to fill a position for an aerospace company here in Nagoya, Japan. Interested candidates should have 10 plus years of Compliance experience as well as Secondary Flight Control Systems experience.
    Responsibilities of the the Secondary Flight Control Systemd Compliance Engineer
    • Evaluate the current aircraft design, with respect to compliance of the Secondary Flight Control System as required by airworthiness regulations.
    • Conduct verification and showing-compliance activities, such as Design Reviews, inspections and analysis.
    • Conduct tests, witness tests and creating test reports.
    • Work closely with the other team members to identify and escalate aircraft and program certification Issues to management.
    • Review certification documents, including CPs, compliance reports, and IP/CRI/CAI positions, as an independent checker to ensure quality of certification products, prior to regulatory review.
    • Support alignment of company proposals to globally accepted standards for certification and compliance.
    • Conduct coordination with related parties such as JCAB, FAA and EASA.
    • Manage the scheduling of all certification activities.
    • Excellent working experience in commercial aerospace.
    • 4 year degree in Engineering (Aerospace, Avionics, Electrical, or Instrumentation)?
    • 10 plus years of experience as Compliance Engineer for Secondary Flight Controls Systems.
    • Excellent communication skills.

    Performance Engineer

    Full-time | Posted On: 10/22/2019
    LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 10+ years
    We are seeking an experienced Aerospace Engineer with a Flight Dynamic background to fill an opening for a company in Nagoya, Japan. Interested candidates should have 10 plus years of technical aircraft experience as well as experience with aircraft certification.
    Responsibilities of the Performance Engineer
    • Provide technical assistance to the development and certification of the aircraft program, focusing primarily on the design and development including performance software and verification of aircraft performance characteristics.
    • Initiating and reviewing related documents, technical calculations, interface with team members and all the other stakeholders including systems, structures, manufacturing, customer support and other partners.
    • Assisting other aircraft performance duties such as analysis of specific phases of flight as well as overall mission, support of flight test activities (data analysis, modeling, report), development of technical manuals (AFM, FCOM, MEL and CDL) and CAFM, analysis of failure scenarios.
    • Education and mentoring of team members regarding professional knowledge of performance on an on-going basis.
    • Provide expertise to assist in resolving performance issues identified during any desktop analysis, rig testing or Flight testing.
    • 4 year degree in Engineering (Aerospace, Avionics, Electrical, or Instrumentation).
    • Minimum 10 years of broad engineering experience in aircraft technical disciplines. 
    • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
    • Aircraft certification experience. 

    Delegated Organization Process Specialist

    Full-time | Posted On: 10/22/2019
    LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 10+ years
    We are seeking an experienced aircraft certification professional to fill a position for a company in Nagoya, Japan. Interested candidates should have significant experience with process development and/or improvement as well as knowledge of global aircraft certification requirements and compliance standards.
    Responsibilities of the Delegated Organization Process Specialist
    • Engage in continuous improvement of the ADO manual and associated compliance processes in alignment with JCAB regulations and guidance.
    • Propose and execute on process improvement opportunities.
    • Work closely with certification management, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, design engineering and JCAB.
    • Educate impacted parties on system changes and upgrades.
    • Support changes to JCAB requirements to facilitate all system improvements.
    • 10 plus years of experience working in aircraft certification-related fields, preferably in a delegated organization.
    • Significant experience with process development/improvement
    • Strong knowledge of global certification requirements and compliance standards.
    • Experience interfacing with regulators to support certification activities.
    • Fluent in English, with Japanese language capabilities a bonus.
    • Previous experience in as an aviation authority employee or delegate is beneficial.

    Flight Control Law Team Leader

    Full-time | Posted On: 10/22/2019
    LOCATION: Nagoya, Aiti (Aichi) | WORK EXPERIENCE: 10+ years
    We are seeking a seasoned Flight Control Engineering with successful leadership experience to fill a lead role for an aerospace company located in Nagoya, Japan. Interested candidates should have over 10 years of flight control/dynamics experience as well as senior aerospace program leadership skills. 
    Responsibilities of the Flight Control Law Team Leader
    • Manage the team with specialized technical background and knowledge regarding Control Laws Design, Verification and Certification.
    • Planning, managing and controlling of Control Law design related activities, Desktop Simulations related activities, Manned Simulations related activities, Flight Test related activities, Validation and Verification related activities, including interaction with the pilot community.
    • Support to integration activities with other areas of the organization including Flight Control Systems, Aeroelastics and Loads.
    • Preparation of documentation to support Certification and if requested, coordination with authorities (JCAB, EASA, FAA).
    • Support to Auto-Land and Auto-Pilot Systems and/or activities related to other derivative aircrafts. 
    • 15 plus years of aircraft Flight Control and Flight Dynamics experience.
    • Previous Leadership experience required.
    • 4 year degree in Engineering (Aerospace, Avionics, Electrical, or Instrumentation).
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

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