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Aircraft Mechanic

Full-time | Posted On: 7/22/2021
LOCATION: Little Rock, Arkansas | WORK EXPERIENCE: 4-7 years
We are currently seeking dedicated Aircraft Mechanics to support an aircraft project in Little Rock, AR. This opportunity focuses on work specifically related to the PW812 engine. Interested candidates should have experience in a PART21 environment.
Responsibilities of the Aircraft Mechanic 
  • Service, repair, troubleshoot and modify aircraft and aircraft engines.
  • Repair, replace and rebuild aircraft structures, system and functional components.
  • Adjust, align and calibrate aircraft systems using hand tools, gauges and test equipment, machines and equipment such as shears, sheet metal brakes, welding equipment, pneumatic tools.
  • Research and understand FAA technical data relevant to assigned tasks.
  • Maintain the premises in a clean and organized manner.
  • Remove and/or install aircraft components, test IAW MM and troubleshoot aircraft systems.
  • A&P Certificate
  • Good customer relationship management 
  • Experienced in PART 21 certification environment
  • Knowledge of PW812 engine (if not training will be provided by PWC)
  • Associate’s Degree (or Technical School equivalent) in Aircraft Maintenance or related field from an FAA accredited school.
  • Strong knowledge in FAA regulations, Aviation Rules (FOD’s, Safety, Quality, Hazardous Materials, Aircraft Marshalling), aerodynamics, aircraft electrical systems, materials science, aircraft maintenance, electrical testing, instrumentation, gas turbine and piston power plants.

3DX Software Architect

Contract | Posted On: 7/16/2021
LOCATION: Seattle, Washington | WORK EXPERIENCE: 4-7 years
We are currently seeking a Software Architect with an excellent track record of providing support for 3DEXPERIENCE platforms. Interested candidates should have knowledge of Git, CI/CD as well as deployments process. This position is fully remote. 
Responsibilities of the Software Architect 
  • Make high level technical decisions regarding developments that best guide the development.
  • Be able to size development based on functional specs and plan accordingly.
  • Provide guidance by understanding the core products capabilities and functions.
  • Work closely with software developers to lay out functions and specifications.
  • Monitor application health and provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Knowledge of Linux
  • 3DX Requirements
  • Experience with Unified Typing, Physical Product Structure and 3Ddashboard
  • Overview of how platform services works
  • Configurations and customizations in 3D space
  • Schema creation through TXO/Spinners
  • Working knowledge of Git, CI/CD (ex: Jenkins) and deployments process
  • Native apps Requirements 
  • Knowledge of EKL
  • Through understanding of EBOM, MBOM
  • Through understanding of Engineering Item Definition EIDs/Manufacturing Item Definition MIDs
  • Able to create Catia PRC structure (EIDs) and MIDs
  • Good understanding of DELMIA Process planning


Field Support Manager

Full-time | Posted On: 7/22/2021
LOCATION: Little Rock, Arkansas | WORK EXPERIENCE: 4-7 years

We are currently seeking an experienced Aviation Support Specialist to fill an immediate opening in Little Rock, AK. This opportunity focuses on work specifically related to the PW812 engine. Interested candidates should exceptional technical backgrounds as well as proven Project Management results with business or VIP aircraft. 

Responsibilities of the Field Support Manager
  • Provide customers on-site support and solutions for technical, operational and other related problems.
  • Advise and assist customers on the incorporation of engine modifications to improve reliability, performance and reduce operating costs.
  • Provide warranty, publications and related assistance, as required and in accordance with our customers process as well as operational evaluations.
  • Provide timely and accurate reporting through CRM on all field activities and engine/aircraft events.
  • Help coordinate and secure spare parts when required.
  • The Field Support Manager may be required to work irregular hours and maintain a frequent travel schedule, sometimes at short notice.  From time to time after normal working hours it may become necessary to respond to a customer’s AOG (Aircraft On Ground) requirement or an otherwise urgent matter.

  • Excellent customer relationship management to act as main focal point on behalf of our customer and interface with the client and their final customers. 
  • High technical background with good knowledge of MRO environment specialized in engine repairs.
  • Good negotiation skills in order to defend customer interest.
  • Experience in project management related to Business/VIP aviation.
  • Knowledge of PW812 engine. 

Python Script Developer - Test Equipment (Space)

Full-time | Posted On: 7/12/2021
LOCATION: Seattle, Washington | WORK EXPERIENCE: 1-3 years
We are currently seeking an experienced Python Script Developer to support test equipment for an exciting space program. Interested candidates should have test lab environment experience and the ability to design, develop, document, test and debug applications software and systems that contain logical and mathematical solutions. 
Responsibilities of the Python Developer 
  • Conduct multidisciplinary research and collaborates with equipment designers and/or hardware engineers in the planning, design, development, and utilization of electronic data processing systems for product and commercial software.
  • Analyzes system capabilities to resolve problems on program intent, output requirements, input data acquisition, programming techniques and controls; prepares operating instructions; designs and develops compilers and assemblers, utility programs, and operating systems.
  • Contribute to software development and integration efforts.
  • Participate overall system evaluation efforts, code reviews, collaborate on requirements, design documentation and test plans as a part of the overall software design and development process.
  • Assist with identifying, developing and implementing solutions for software related technical issues that could impact costs, schedule, or performance.
  • Interface with other software developers and testers during integration and new version releases.
  • Front end experience with Angular 2+ as well as React and Django.
  • Experience with Agile software development using Java, Python, and/or C++ software development in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment
  • Familiarity with Agile Scrum practices and traditional waterfall projects.
  • Back end API services in Python (3.7). 
  • Experience with unit tests in Python. 
  • Experience with Postgres.
  • BS in Computer Science, Software Development or related field. 
  • Experience with version control software such as Git (GitLab or BitBucket)

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  • Working with Dawn has certainly been a pleasure and I have seen many, many recruiting offices and personnel before, and I would give Dawn an A+, 5 Star rating for her performance in getting me to do a 180, and come to this great project, Flight Test of the MJR, versus the other job prospects. I would recommend other consultant and contractor professional engineers to use Velocity.Joel Putnam Flight, Test Propulsion Engineer
  • Joe is the "go to" person if you are looking for a staffing agency. He was our choice for our busy plastics manufacturing facility in the south Tacoma area. Often, we receive very short notice when one of our employees is unable to make a 12-hour production shift. Thus, Joe and his team had to work extra hard to meet our needs. But, he always comes through for us, no matter what time of day or night. We continue to be approached by staffing agency representatives who in their own right have good track records, but Joe and his team gives us no reason to shop this service.Rita- Richard's Packaging
  • Joe Cairney has been an important resource for our organizations growth over the past several years. His listened to all our pain points when it came to staffing for key positions and he provided easy to follow solutions that made our jobs easier. I cannot recommend Joe enough to companies that need answers to their hiring needs.Sarah- AFL
  • I feel truly lucky to have worked with Velocity Consulting Solutions. Having been in the job market for almost 9 months trying to find my next role - the perfect role to help me grow in my career path, which I would not have been able to do without the help of Miguel and Susan. Jeeno Saini-Scrum Master
  • Working with Dawn was great. Her directions were always clear and focused and she is a confident, business savvy leader. She helped advance my career and seems to have a genuine interest in investing in those she manages.Aimee Ketola-Accounting Specialist, Anthony's Restaurants
  • Miguel was an essential asset in my job search. Not only did he take the time to prepare me for interviews, but he also gave me important advice on how to succeed in them. He was a fantastic recruiter and I would recommend him to anyone.Leonardo Valles - Liaison Engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Miguel is a fantastic recruiter, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for Engineering or Tech work.Mark Randa - Design Automation Engineer

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